Determination of Diethylamine and Triethylamine Quantitatively using GC-headspace Chromatography

Ashish R. Deshpande, Ganesh Ramachandran, Ramesh S. Yamgar

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GC-HS, Diethylamine (DEA), Triethylamine (TEA), Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO)


A Gas chromatographic-Head space (GC-HS) method was developed and validated for the determination of Diethylamine and Triethylamine. They were found well separated on the DB-624, 30m x 0.530 mm I.D. X 3 μ column with carrier gas nitrogen having pressure of 2.5 psi (Pound per square inch). Injector temperature was kept at 220°C and detector temperature was kept at 250°C. Detection was performed flame ionisation detector (FID). The method was validated for Specificity, LOD, LOQ, Linearity, Precision and Accuracy as per ICH guidelines [1, 2]. The method was found to be reliable for its intended purpose.