Spectrophotometric Estimation of Rosuvastatin, Simvastatin and Olmesartan in Bulk and Dosage Forms Using Bromatometric Method

Mahmoud M. Sebaiy*, Wafaa S. Hassan, Monir Z. Saad, Mohsen M. Zareh, Mostafa E. Elhennawy

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Rosuvastatin, Simvastatin, Olmesartan, Bromate-bromide, Methyl Orange


Background: A simple and sensitive spectrophotometric method is described for determination of rosuvastatin, simvastatin and olmesartan in bulk and dosage forms using bromate-bromide and methyl orange as reagents. Material and methods: Drugs are treated with known excess of insitu generated bromine and residual un-reacted bromine is determined by treating with fixed amount of methyl orange then measuring absorbance at 510 nm. The amount of bromine consumed corresponds to the amount of each drug reacted. Various analytical parameters have been evaluated such as effect of acidity, bromate-bromide volume and time on the absorption and the results were validated according to ICH guidelines. Results: Beer’s law was obeyed in the range of 6–11 μg/mL for rosuvastatin, 1–3.50 μg/mL for simvastatin and 2–7 μg/mL for olmesartan. Conclusions: The method was satisfactory applied for the determination of drugs in both bulk and pharmaceutical forms and results were compared statistically with reference methods.