HPLC Profiles of Dipterocarpus crinitus Extracts from Different Plant Organs and Geographical Locations

Dr. Nurhuda Manshoor, Abidul Hafidz Abdul Rahman

Article (PDF)


Dipterocarpaceae, Dipterocarpuscrinitus, Oligostilbenes, Chromatography, UHPLC


Dipterocarpuscrinitus is a timber tree that belongs to Dipterocarpaceae family. Dipterocarpaceae is found to contain oligostilbenes, a polyphenolic group that have been widely studied as they show biological activities. To date, about one-fourth of all stilbene derivatives reported were isolated from Dipterocarpacae plants. Chromatographic profiles of 23 samples of D. crinitus extracts were recorded on UHPLC system. For all samples, the wavelengths were set at 215nm, the column temperature was 39C, the flow-rate was 1 ml/min and the injection volume was 5 l. The mobile phase was a gradient of acetonitrile: water (ACN: H2O) 5:95 to 55:45 in a chromatographic run that was standardized for 15 minutes. The samples were of bark and wood from both trunk and buttress of D. crinitus collected from Selai, Jengka and Keniam. Analysis of all chromatograms showed that samples from the same species having similar chromatographic profiles regardless their plant parts and localities. In contract, extracts from different species show significant difference in their chromatographic patterns and composition of compounds. This study showed that the use of different HPLC techniques is an effective method to determine the differences and similarities of samples containing closely related chemical compositions.