Spectrophotometric - Flow Injection Analysis Determination of Hydrogen Peroxide Via Quenching of Bromine Absorbance

Nagam S. Turkey Al-Awadie, Marwah A. Kadhim Al-banaa

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Hydrogen Peroxide, Spectrophotometer, Flow Injection Analysis


A proposed method is described for the determination of hydrogen peroxide in three pharmaceutical samples based on the in situ generation of bromine from the BrO3- - Br--H3O+ reaction; the bromine is give a continuous absorbance measured by Ayah 3SBGRX3-3D solar cell CFIA microphotometer and then when injecting hydrogen peroxide, it will quenching the response because bromine molecules are converted to bromide ions. The linear range of 0.01-15mmol.L-1 along the correlation coefficient (r) of 0.9959, limit of detection (LOD) of 14.45ng/sample. A comparison was made between two methods: newly proposed method and the classical method using the standard addition procedure, via the paired t-test and there was no significant difference between the two methods at 95% confidence level.