More Experimental and Analytical Evidence of the New Intensity Formula in Optical Emission Spectroscopy

Bo Thelin

Article (PDF)


Arc, DC, Hollow cathode and laser excitation, inductively coupled plasma, γ-ray, X-ray, UV, optical and IR-Spectroscopy, Astrophysics, Analytical methods, Photoluminiscence, Electroluminiscence, Piezoelectric Photothermal Spectroscopy, Surface Pho


This paper is a review of different methods supporting a new intensity formula in optical emission spectroscopy. Three independent experimental and analytical methods have been developed which strongly support this new formula. Different light sources have also been used in this work. A new theory has also been presented which strongly verify the new formula. Support is also given from experimental data of many old and new physical and analytical methods in the literature. In this paper the different parts of the new formula are examined and verified from many papers in the literature.