Indirect Electrothermal Atomization Atomic Absorption Spectrometric Determination of the Drug Desferrioxamine in Some Pharmaceutical Preparations Using Vanadium (V) as a Mediating Element

Zuhair A-A. Khammas, Ashraf. S. Al-Ayash and Fadhil Jasim

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Desferrioxamine; Vanadium (V); Indirect Eelectrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrometry; DesferalTM; Response Surface Method


A method has been developed for the determination of the drug Desferrioxamine (DFOM) in some pharmaceuticals using indirect electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (ETAAS) supplied with zirconium-coated graphite tube and vanadium (V) as a mediating metal. V (V) forms a chelate complex with DFOM at pH range 1-1.5 which could be extracted with benzyl alcohol under certain experimental conditions .Aliquots of the extracts are injected into the coated graphite furnace and the atomic absorption signals are measured. A standard calibration graph was constructed and from which several parameters and figures of merit were found, such as: linear range (0.5-19 μg mL –1) of DFOM, relative standard deviation (1.44-1.68%); limit of detection (0.12 μg mL –1)sensitivity. (424.2 pg), recovery %( 101.57± 0.147) and relative error (1.57%). The mole ratio method has been used to determine the structure of chelate DFOM: V (V) and found to be 1:1. The developed procedure is applied to analyze desferrioxamine in several commercially available pharmaceuticals using direct and standard additions methods and results are comparable. All statistical calculations are implemented via a Minitab software version 11.