Determination of Boron Content in Treated Wood Using an Azomethine-H Spectrophotometric

Tumirah Khadiran, Selamat Salamah, Mohamad Nasir Mat Arip, Ujang Salmiah, Shazlyn Milleana Shaharudin, Abdul Mutalib Najmah

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Heat-extraction; Reflux; Wet-digestion; UV-Visible Spectrophotometer; Colorimetric reagent


Boron compounds are leached quantitatively from the treated wood (wood treated by boric acid) using three different methods; heat extraction, refluxing and wet digestion methods. The extracted sample was analyzed using Azomethine-H spectrophotometric method. The absorbance at wavelength 411 nm was measured 30-40 minutes after the addition of the Azomethine-H reagent. A linear calibration graph for the sample extract using direct heat, reflux and wet digest method was obtained between 1-10 ppm with the R2 = 0.9992. The selectivity, accuracy, within and between precision, limit of detection and quantification, and stability were examined as parts of the method validation. Recovery was determined after spiking with a typical range of analyte.