Gas-Liquid Separator Integrated to HG-QFAAS Method for Determination of Tin at Trace Levels in the Water Samples

Aman Sentosa Panggabean, Subur P. Pasaribu, M. Bachri Amran, Buchari Buchari

Article (PDF)


Sn, hydride generation, gas-liquid separator, QFAAS


The determination of tin (Sn) ion at trace levels using integrated gas-liquid separator with hydride generation-quartz furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometer (HG-QFAAS) has been done. This modified gas-liquid separator at various sizes was able to increase sensitivity in the determination of Sn in solution. The acid reagent mixing techniques, sample and reductant optimally occurs in a coil reaction before they are going to the gas-liquid separators. The optimum conditions of parameter measurement in the determination of Sn ion with HG method are influenced by type and concentration of acid, and the concentration of reductant has been evaluated. These optimum parameters can increase of analytical performance simultanly, which is shown by detection limit 3.74 μg L-1 for 100 μL injection volume (3.74 pg Sn). The accuracy of measurement shown by the percentage of recovery of the Sn determination in natural water sample at >95 %, indicate this technique is good to be applied for tin analysis at picogram level.