Stability Indicating HPTLC Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Eperisone Hydrochloride and Diclofenac Sodium in Bulk and Solid Dosage Form

Ram S. Sakhare, Sanjay S. Pekamwar, Kalyani A. Dannak

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Eperisone hydrochloride, diclofenac sodium, HPTLC, forced degradation study


The objective of present work was to develop and validate a simple, accurate, rapid and precise stability indicating HPTLC method for simultaneous estimation of Eperisone hydrochloride (EPE) and Diclofenac sodium (DICLO) in bulk and in capsule dosage form. The method employed Merck TLC plates precoated with Silica F254. After several trials, ethyl acetate: methanol (8:2, v/v), was chosen as the mobile phase with saturation time 15 min, which showed good resolution and acceptable peak parameters. The densitometric analysis of both drugs was carried out at 266 nm. The linearity coefficient was found to be 0.999 for Eperisone hydrochloride (EPE) and 0.999 for Diclofenac sodium (DICLO). The Rf values were found to be 0.38 ± 0.02 and 0.73 ± 0.03 for EPE and DICLO. Stability study of EPE and DICLO was carried out by Forced degradation study. The developed method was successfully applied to estimate the amount of Eperisone hydrochloride and Diclofenac sodium in bulk and capsule dosage form.