Digital Medicine: An Android based Application for Health Care System

Akhil Reddy D, Geetha C

Article (PDF)


GSM, GPS, Digital Medicine, Healthcare System, Video Conferencing, Report Transfer.


An agitated lifestyles to address quick pace a lot of and a lot of folks face health issues no matter the age bracket. Health care system has therefore become associate inevitable a part of each family. Obtaining economical and fast health care becomes a necessity; so beside the generic approach there comes a desire to adopt a parallel economical and speedy approach called Digital medication. It’s associate approach which might be adopted by hospitals to produce fast access to health care services provided by them. Like on-line video conferencing, emergency alarm with important type of medical condition or accidents; uploading of medical reports with security measures necessary whereas consultation, on-line medical prescription, programing appointment, info concerning nearest hospital and medicos, life remainder system to prompt medication intake timely. It’s designed with associate aim to facilitate quicker and economical communication between doctors and patients giving transparency to locations or distance wherever they're based mostly whereas mistreatment the applying. The planned application is deployed on robot based mostly mobile phones connecting to the server managed by hospitals and uses GPS and GSM network for communication.