Mobile Learning with Google App Engine

Atika S.K., Dr.Nalini C, Dr.Rajabhushanam C

Article (PDF)


Mobile Computing; Web App; Cloud Computing; Mobile Learning; MOOCs.


The speedy pace of modification being witnessed globally within the info and Communication Technology sector likewise because the skyrocketing prices in obtaining basic education wants met have forced several to hunt for other ways of meeting these wants. Recent innovations in distance education displayed the pathway to new and dynamic ways that of learning through Massively Open online Courses (MOOCs) geared toward providing unlimited participation and open access via the online. Additionally to the current, the quality of today’s learners and ubiquitousness of smartphones has seen a surge in analysis focused on ways that of providing contextualized styles of learning that meet the triad anyplace, anytime, and anyone. To the current impact there are growing numbers of analysis publications at intervals the ambits of Mobile Native Apps, Mobile internet Apps, Hybrid Apps and the way they're getting used to facilitate learning. however with every of those solutions comes the difficulty of quantifiability and the way this may be overcome to satisfy the ever increasing demands of passionate learners round the globe. In this paper, we tend to plan to offer a cloud computing resolution for Mobile Learning with Google App Engine.