Smart System for Farmers to Analyze Leaf Disease, Quora Chat Box and Online Marketing

Jasmin M, Susila M, Dr.Sundararajan M.

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Catchphrases Leaf Division, Python Programming, Information Munging, Efficient Achievability, Specialized Plausibility, System Testing; Blur Soften Image, Tesseract.


The recognizable proof of infection on the plant is a vital key to keep a substantial loss of yield and the amount of horticultural item. The indications can be seen on the pieces of the plants, for example, leaf, stems, sores and natural products. The leaf demonstrates the indications by evolving shading, demonstrating the marks on it. This recognizable proof of the malady is finished by manual perception and pathogen discovery which can devour additional time and may demonstrate exorbitant. The point of the venture is to distinguish and group the infection precisely from the leaf pictures. The means required in the process are Preprocessing, Practicing and Identification. The sickness considered are Powdery Mildew, Downey Mildew which can make substantial misfortune paddy crop. For distinguishing proof of illness highlights of leaf, for example, real hub, minor pivot and so forth are separated from leaf and given to classifier for characterization.