Data Embedding Method Using Adaptive Pixel Pair Matching Method

Jasmin M, Dr.Sundararajan, M, Susila M

Article (PDF)


Adaptive Pixel Pair Matching (APPM), Optimal Pixel Adjustment Process (OPAP), LSB-planes.


This paper proposes a new data-hiding method based on Adaptive pixel pair matching (APPM). The basic idea of APPM is to use the values of pixel pair as a reference coordinate, and search a coordinate in the neighborhood set of this pixel pair according to a given message digit. The pixel pair is then replaced by the searched coordinate to conceal the digit. The proposed method offers lower distortion than data embedding by providing more compact neighborhood sets and allowing embedded digits in any notational system. Compared with the optimal pixel adjustment process (OPAP) method, the proposed method always has lower distortion for various payloads. Experimental results reveal that the proposed method not only provides better performance than those of OPAP, but also is secure under the detection of some well-known techniques.