Digital Embedded Controller for Thermal Process

Jasmin M, Dr.Sundararajan M, Susila M

Article (PDF)


Internet-work Model, Temperature Process, On-Off Controller, Embedded System.


This paper presents a web architecture based low cost virtual instrumentation (VI) system to monitor and control the electrically heated water bath temperature. The PIC16F877 based digital microcontroller is used as thermostat which controls and monitors the temperature through internet-work model. The digital controller also allows the user to monitor the network status as well as sensor (PT100) calibration data values. The parallel port has been used to provide the control function and on-line display of measuring temperature, set point as well as the control function output plots through the parallel port. This bus interaction is realized in Visual Basic/Assembly Language and uses a 16 bit, 10 μs sampling analog-to-digital converter (ADS 7805) for monitoring and controlling the parameters of the temperature web enabled digital controller.