Microstrip Patch Antenna Miniaturization Using Magneto Dielectric Ferrite Substrates

Dr.Philomina S, Susila M, Dr.Sundararajan M

Article (PDF)


EM Radiation, Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR), VSM (Vibrating Sample Magnetometer).


Antenna miniaturization with enhanced radiation performance is a contemporary problem with application in RF and wireless systems. The substrate and ground plane of the antenna play a very important role in achieving the desired antenna characteristics. The synthesis of substrate electronic nano material is going to play a very important role for achieving the desired antenna parameters in GHz and THZ range. The prime objective here is miniaturize the size of the antenna and increase the values of other desired parameters. Microstrip patch antenna is proposed, to reduce the interaction of the antenna with its ground and design a miniaturized wideband antenna system. We presented a detailed survey upon the most recent research efforts associated with those metamaterials based antennas. It is found that magneto dielectric substrate can be used for both the antenna miniaturization as well as band width enhancement; however periodic magneto- dielectric is basically to maximize the bandwidth of the miniaturized antenna. It has been realized that the emergence of metamaterials has implications to nearly all branches of science and engineering exploiting the EM radiation.