Privacy Preserving Multi Sharing Control for Big Data Storage

Dr.Philomina S, Dr.Sundararajan M, Susila M

Article (PDF)


Big Data Storage, Multi Sharing Control, Public Key Encryption (PKE).


Security is a prime concern for any service that provides big data storage. The data of an individual should remain confidential and should be accessed only by any authenticated person. One of the aspects of security that is considered prior storing data is the anonymity of the service clients. The service that is used for storage should provide practical and fine-grained encrypted data sharing in such a way that only a ciphertext of data is shared among others by the data owner under some specified conditions. The required features are obtained by introduction a new technique for providing big data storage i.e., a privacy preserving ciphertext multi sharing mechanism. In this technique the advantages of proxy re-encryption technique are employed that enables ciphertext to be securely and conditionally shared multiple times and it also ensures that the knowledge of underlying message and the identity information of ciphertext senders and recipients is not leaked. The technique is also vulnerable to the chosen ciphertext attacks.