New Source of Electricity Using Speed Arresters

Subbulakshmi K, Saravana S

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Microcontroller, Spring, Pressure Sensor, Inverter Board, Load, Transformer.


In the present day scenario, power is a major need for human life. There is a need to develop non- conventional sources for power generation due to the reason that our conventional sources of power are getting scarcer by the day. This paper gives the detail about vehicle pressure depends on the weight of the vehicle that passes on the highways. The pressure here is mechanical energy. Hence we convert this mechanical energy into electrical energy. This generated power can be used for general purpose applications like streetlights, traffic signals. In addition, we could also have solar panels, which would satisfy our power needs, when there is no vehicular movement. This project is to generate electricity through speed breakers. For obtaining the electricity through the speed breaker mechanism a prototype model is developed and studied. Findings from this research work are discussed below. The generator used here is permanent magnet D.C. generator. The generator voltage is 12 Volt D.C. This D.C. voltage is stored to the lead 12-volt battery. The battery is in turn connected to the inverter. The inverter is used to convert 12 volt D.C. to the 230 volt. A.C voltage is used to activate the light fan etc. By increasing the capacity of the battery and the inverter circuit, the power rating is increased gradually. In the present scenario there is ahuge lack of electricity. In this project electricity is generated through speed breakers present on roads. As vehicles on roads are increasing day by day, this project helps to generate electricity as these vehicles pass through the speed breakers. This electricity generated can be used for different purpose such as lighting of signals and streetlights on road etc.