Secure and Efficient Way of Handling Medical Records in Cloud

Elankavi R, Dr. Udayakumar R

Article (PDF)


Virtualization, Personal Health Record, HealthCare Social Network, Attribute Based Encryption.


Personal health records (PHRs) are touted as a new convenience technology for consumers. It enables the patients to create a health information of their own in a centralized way, which alleviate the storage, access and sharing of health data in the cloud environment. By storing the health information in the cloud various security issues should arise such us authorization, key management and efficient user revocation, therefore, before outsourcing the PHR in the cloud, it is a promising method to encrypt the PHR using Attribute Based Encryption. Existing cryptographic schemes are planned for single owner settings, here, dealt with multiple owner scenarios which reduce the key management complexity for owners and users. Enhancing the MA-ABE scheme to handle efficient and on-demand user revocation, and prove its security. The experimental results will show the security and efficiency of the proposed system.