Women’s Safety System Using IBEACON Technology

Elankavi R, Dr. Udayakumar R

Article (PDF)


IBeacon Technology, ATMEGA328 Microcontroller, Women’s Safety System.


According to the reports of WHO, NCRB-social-government organization 35%Women all over the world are facing a lot of unethical physical harassment in public places such as railway-bus stands, foot paths etc. This paper describes about an one touch alarm system for women’s safety using Ibeacon. In the light of recent outrage in Delhi which shook the nation and woke us to the safety issues for women, people are finding up in different ways to defend. Here we introduce a device which ensures the protection of women. This helps to identify protect and call on resources to help the one out of dangerous situations. Anytime you sense danger, all you had to do, is hold on the panic switch. The system resembles a normal wearable device which when activated, tracks the place of the women using bluetooth low energy and sends emergency messages using GSM (Global System for Mobile communication), to sos contacts and the police control room. The proposed work shows a flexible and interoperable combination of a device and application that will accessorize and empower the citizens and serve as a multifunctional device.