Captcha as a Graphical Passwords - A New Security Primitive based on Hard AI Problems

Elankavi R, Dr. Udayakumar R

Article (PDF)


Sound, Click point View Port, Image, Database, Register, Click Points, Password, Possibilities, Authentication.


This project is the need for the predefined regions to be readily identifiable. A graphical password system with a supportive sound signature to increase the remembrance of the password is discussed. In proposed work a click-based graphical password scheme called Cued Click Points (CCP) is presented. The possibility selecting the password is very less. In this paper, we present an advanced CAPTCHA technique; our technique essentially relies on employing the human recognition ability, which is not available in automated bots or machines, through leveraging the handwriting characteristics in designing CAPTCHA. Moreover, the proposed CAPTCHA technique adopts handwritten characters of four different languages (English, Arabic, Spanish, and French) to generate handwritten multilingual CAPTCHA text using characters from the four adopted languages. Furthermore, the initial experiments’ results have shown a promising security level that the proposed CAPTCHA technique can provide.