A Secure Transmission of Multiple Specialized Secret Sharing Scheme

Michael G, Kavitha R

Article (PDF)


Visual Cryptography, Confidentiality, Text Hiding, Polynomial Interpolation.


Medical imaging, though very advanced and widespread, has been facing drawbacks with regard to integrity and confidentiality. A relevant literature survey brings into notice that there is no single exhaustive method to deal with all the issues. In telediagnosis it is required that a medical image is distributed among a group of medical experts. However, disclosing all the information of an important patient’s medical condition to each of the clinicians is a security issue. A specialized secret sharing scheme is proposed in which digitized, archived and compatible medical images are shared among n clinicians such that at least k of them must gather to reveal the diagnosable medical image. It also emphasizes on the process of hiding textual medical information in these images in order to meet not only the security issue but also suffices the storage requirements during transmission. It is a novel technique for a secure transmission of confidential and important medical information over an insecure network effectively.