Building Dictionary for Identifiers FROM Source Code Written in Object Oriented Language

Michael G, Kavitha R

Article (PDF)


Reengineering, Identifiers, Maintenance, Programmers, Source Code, Verb Object.


Now a day’s software maintenance and reuse process is a tedious process. Meaningful method names are useful for readability and maintenance of the software. Large time and effort provided to software maintenance and reuse. This can be reduced by providing software engineers with software tools such as IDEs, which automatically provide information about the source code. Identifiers are the important element in the program, if the identifiers in the program has inappropriate name programmers find difficult to understand the program. In this paper proposes a method to for building dictionary for identifiers from source code written in object oriented language. Dictionary is built using the verb object relationship extracted from source code. This dictionary is helpful in software reengineering and maintenance.