Reliable Data Delivery in MANET Using POR

Michael G, Kavitha R

Article (PDF)


Geographic Routing, Opportunistic Forwarding, Reliable Data Delivery, Void Handling, Mobile Ad hoc Network.


In Mobile Ad hoc Networks, since nodes move arbitrarily the network topology changes frequently and unpredictably. This paper address the problem of reliable data delivery in MANET, especially in a challenged environment with high mobility remains an issue. To deal with such issue, a novel position based opportunistic routing protocol (POR) is proposed to efficiently maintain uninterrupted communication. When a node sends or forwards a packet, the neighbor nodes that have overheard the transmission will serve as forwarding candidates, and forwards the packet if it is not relayed by the specific best forwarder. In this way, as long as one of the candidates succeeds in receiving and forwarding the packet, the data transmission will not be interrupted. To handle the communication voids, a virtual destination based void handling scheme is further proposed to enhance the robustness of POR. Simulations are done in NS2 to confirm the effectiveness and efficiency of POR in high mobility networks.