Tamil Character Recognition

Anita Davamani K, Amudha S

Article (PDF)


Character Recognition, Texture Features, Strong Texture, Weak Texture.


Ancient Tamil character recognition is an important research and application area on pattern recognition theory, which plays an important role on realizing document. The main objective of the project is to determine characters from any given text of A-Z and Tamil consonants. A system of English and Ancient Eighth Century Tamil character recognition based on point feature extraction of the character. Eighth Century Tamil characters are recognized using Multilayer Feed Forward Neural Network has been described in our work. Pre-processing is the first step which is done using thresholding algorithm. Feature extraction forms the basic underlying part of recognizing each character during testing. Characters are classified by Back Propagation Neural Network. An Artificial Neural Network has been created and trained to diagnose a single character. A Feature Vector of each character has been used to train the Neural Network. This system will be suitable for converting handwritten documents into structural text format. The handwritten character recognition system with better-quality recognition rates will be eminently suitable for several applications including document reading and conversion of any handwritten document into structural text format.