Improving Dormant Matching Accuracy through Multiple Features

Anita Davamani K, Amudha S

Article (PDF)


Dormant Fingerprint, Ridge Flow Map, Ridge Quality Map, Ridge Skeleton, Minutiae.


Dormant Fingerprint Identification is of critical importance to Verification agencies in identifying suspects. Dormant Fingerprints are inadvertent impressions left by fingers on surfaces of object. While tremendous progress has been made in plain and rolled fingerprint matching, Dormant fingerprint matching continues to be a difficult problem. We study a number of features and combine multiple features at all three levels, including ridge flow map, ridge quality map and ridge skeleton. Feature extraction and matching algorithms are developed for each type of features. Relative contribution of each feature towards the overall matching accuracy is evaluated by incrementally adding features to baseline features (minutiae). Based on extensive experiments, all the extended features lead to some improvement in Dormant matching accuracy.