The Separation of Copper and Nickel from Ni-Cu Mixed Ore Simulated Leaching Solution Using Electrochemical Methods

Razika Djouani, Qian Xu, Qiushi Song, Ying Chen

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Cu-Ni leaching solution, electrochemical separation, potentiostatic deposition, cyclic voltammetry


Leaching solution of Ni-Cu mixed ore was studied using electrochemical methods to separate the two ions. This was observed through investigating the electrochemical behavior of copper and nickel ions separately in acidic mediums of copper sulfate and nickel sulfate solutions. To selectively deposit copper from Ni-Cu leaching solution, potentiostatic deposition was applied and the current efficiency was studied. At a voltage of – 0.2v the initial concentration of 3.6 g/l Cu2+ gradually reduced to 0.28 g/l was has no significant change for Ni2+ concentration. The reduction process of Cu2+ and Ni2+ also produced intermediate products of nickel hydroxide which formed at the surface of the current efficiency, especially when the concentration of Cu2+ is low.