Project of Health-Caring Educational School Environment for Children with Diabetes Mellitus

Nadezhda P. Yachina, Anvar N. Khuziakhmetov

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Modernization, educational space, diabetes mellitus disease, teaching process, development, health-caring environment


The aim of the study is to design the health-caring educational environment of a modern school for the education of children with diabetes. The leading methods to study this problem are perennial observations and the questionnaires, which revealed the health of children, their success in studying and their psychological state; sociological research, medical research of diabetes mellitus problems, theoretical analysis and generalization of scientific and pedagogical sources on the problem of health caring of students with diabetes mellitus; modeling. The study involved 20 children (aged 10 to 14) with diabetes in comprehensive schools in the Republic of Tatarstan. The main results of the research include identifying the experience of designing school health-caring environment for children with diabetes mellitus in different countries: identifying conceptual basis of the educational environment of the Russian comprehensive school, focused on the health caring of students with diabetes; designing a content-functional model of the health-caring educational school environment for children with diabetes mellitus. The significance of the obtained results consists in the proposed structural and functional model of the educational health-caring school environment as a pedagogical system including the value-objective, content-informational, activity-practical and outcome-evaluative components. The worked out recommendations focus on the individualized and multidisciplinary approaches in the education of children with diabetes that will prevent the development and progression of diabetes mellitus; on the creation of the health-caring environment through the definition and actualization of health-caring functions, modernization of the content and technologies of the educational school process.