Re-use of Spent Filter Backwash Water by Micro strainer in Water Treatment Plants

Noushin Osouleddini, Mohammad Abdollahzadeh, Maryam Safaei, Raheleh Sajadipoor

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Water Treatment; Spent Filter Backwash Water; Micro strainer


In this study, microstrainer application in recycle of Spent Filter Backwash Water (SFBW) has been investigated. The results show that physicochemical and biological quality of SFBW can be added to the inlet water but it must be treated with microstrainer filter. The SFBW was passed through standard membrane with 5,18,40,70 μm size and filtered SFBW was analyzed. 5, 18 and 40 μm membrane showed respectively the best results. Applying 5 μm membrane that the best results found removing amount of biological factors include: diatom 85.77 to 90 percent, Cyanophyceae 100%, Crustacean 100%, Rotifer 100%, and removing percent of physicochemical parameters include: Turbidity 44.78%, Iron 51.24% and Manganese 35.35%. In present study 18 μm membrane is economical membranes because after filtering the SFBW with 18 μm membrane can be added to the inlet water.