The Specificity of Teenagers’ Mental States as Prerequisite of Deviant Behavior Emergence

Lira V. Artishcheva

Article (PDF)


Mental state, deviant behavior, teenagers, intensity, content-richness, structure.


The article covers the issue of teenagers’ deviant behavior, in particular, their mental states which can act as a factor of deviant reaction. It is shown that teenagers’ behavior is determined by the variety of intellectual, psychophysical, social and emotional development. The research results of such mental states as joy, anger, calmness, exhaustion flow specificity experienced by 9-10-year-old children, 13-18-year-old teenagers and young men/girls of 19-20 years are presented in the article. It has been revealed that mental states of 9-10-year-old children flow smoothly and evenly; teenagers’ states are unsteady and flow expressly, intensively. The structure of teenagers’ mental states is "loosened" hence the states move to another energy level, transform, and are subject to influences. Gender distinctions of mental states flow have also been defined.