Development of Resort and Tourist Destinations in Caucasian Mineral Waters in the Context of Global and National Tendencies

Andzor H. Dikinov, Tatyana V. Kasaeva, Natalia N. Kiseleva, Alexander P. Kolyadin, Natalia Yu. Rud

Article (PDF)


Development of multicultural value orientations, student milieu, tolerance, ethnic culture, dialogue of cultures, multicultural education, a multicultural personality.


The importance of this study is determined by the fact that fundamental social and economic changes in contemporary Russian society have led to imbalance in the common system of values that forms the basis of a teacher’s comprehensive world outlook. Under conditions of a constant development and change of the value priorities’ nature the problem of forming a stable system of future specialists’ value orientations that provides the foundation for cross-cultural communication in a democratic society is of current interest. In this connection, this article is directed towards the study of the development of university students’ multicultural value orientations as a pressing problem of contemporary professional education. The leading approach to scientific research aimed at this specific problem is the theoretical and methodological approach that allows us to comprehensively consider the problem of developing future specialists’ multicultural value orientations in a context of a higher education institution. It has been substantiated in the article that a key moment in the activity directed towards the development of students’ multicultural value orientations is the identification of objectively existing difficulties in a value perception of another culture and transference to the category of goals, the attainment of which facilitates the development of multicultural value orientations. The materials of the article can be useful for psychologists-practitioners, social workers as well as staff members of educational institutions.