Psychological Prevention Mechanisms of Minors’ Deviant Behavior

Natalia V. Kalinina, Valentina B. Salakhova, Elena G. Artamonova, Olga I. Efimova, Igor V. Kalinin

Article (PDF)


Deviant behavior, types of deviant behavior, approaches to deviant behavior prevention, psychological mechanisms of prevention, minors.


The article is devoted to a very topical social problem of contemporary Russian society – the prevention of deviant behavior among children and teenagers. The theoretical and methodological analysis of approaches to the prevention of minors’ deviant behavior is presented in the article. Psychological mechanisms of their implementation have been identified and the data of their effectiveness evaluation have been given. The leading approach to the study of this problem was a content-analysis (the method of qualitative –quantitative analysis of the documents’ content for the purpose of revealing various facts and tendencies reflected in these documents), the phenomenological analysis of domestic and foreign literature, Internet survey of students and their parents, the monitoring of the state of preventive work in educational institutions. The use of these approaches and methods in the course of our study provided validity, reliability and authenticity of the data obtained. The conclusions have been drawn that the subject-oriented approach can be offered as the most effective in preventive work which is directed towards the formation of students’ subjective attitude to deviant behavior and risks provoking such behavior. Besides, conclusions have been made that the mechanisms of personal resources’ activation and subject’s responsibility should become the main in preventive work organized in educational institutions. The materials of the article are of practical use to psychologists, social workers and staff members of special and educational institutions.