Conditions and Technologies of Students Ecological Culture Formation

Mariya B. Zatsepina, Olga V. Popova, Anna V. Filippova, Isita V. Muskhanova, Amina Kh. Yakhyaeva, Alfiya M. Ishmuradova

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Higher education, high school, students, ecological culture, ecological education, ecological safety, pedagogical conditions


Technical progress is closely connected with the social and everyday comfort of society, with the level of the needs of modern society, but the disruption of production cycles, the low level of environmental management culture, the unintelligible consequences of its power over the surrounding world, destroy the harmony of the environment and human beings. The purpose of the paper is directed to improve the professional training of graduates of higher educational institutions, capable of solving production problems with minimizing environmental risks. The authors revealed pedagogical approaches to environmental education and substantiated the essence of the concept "ecological culture of students". Pedagogical conditions that contribute to the formation of ecological culture of university students are developed, introduced and experimental tested. The paper is intended for teachers, heads of educational organizations, researchers dealing with environmental security issues.