Satisfaction of Employees of Moscow Region Organizations by Implementation of Youth Personnel Policy

Mikhail V. Vinichenko, Peter Karácsony, Tatiana S. Demcheko, Alexander V. Melnichuk, Sergey A. Makuchkin

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Satisfaction, leadership, youth staff policy, youth, protest actions.


The article considers the problem of increasing the satisfaction of employees of organizations of the Moscow region by the implementation of the youth cadre policy. An analysis of the nature of the impact of external and internal factors on the formation and development of youth personnel policy was considered through the satisfaction of employees of organizations in the Moscow region. As the indicators of satisfaction, the activities of the organization's leadership on the improvement of the youth cadre policy in the management system were chosen; Improvement of methods for implementing the youth cadre policy; Staff development, professional development of specialists; Improvement of corporate youth programs, etc. The methodological base of the research was made by such empirical methods as observation, questioning using questionnaires placed on the Google Forms online service, comparison. The analysis, the method of mathematical statistics and the SPSS Statistics software package were also used in a complex manner. 23. The study found that only 1% of respondents fully satisfied with the youth personnel policy. Dissatisfaction among respondents is mostly caused by the methods of implementing the youth personnel policy (29.3%), staff development, professional development of specialists (29 %%), improvement of corporate youth programs (24.1%) and material and technical base of the organization (29% ). Prevents significant changes in the position of the employees themselves organizations. Only 2.5% actively oppose the leadership, participating in activities to uphold their rights to implement the youth policy. In these conditions, it is necessary to strengthen social control over the activities of management.