Conditions of Implementation of Key Factors of Creation of Competitive Advantages on New Growing Markets

Nikolay V. Tumalanov, Eduard N. Tumalanov, Vladimir V. Ivanov

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Growing markets, key competencies, competitive advantage, competitive environment, quasi-rent.


The relevance of the study is due to the fact that the problem of creating a competitive advantage and strengthening its positions in a number of growing markets by domestic producers has not been resolved. In this regard, the article is aimed at identifying the sources of key factors for increasing competitiveness, assessing the adequacy of the competencies available to the company and the market conditions and sufficiency for the success of entry into the industry and competition in its market. The leading method of research is a set of interrelated and complementary types of analysis, which allows a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the nature and evolution of the factors of creating a competitive advantage. It is established that the company has the best opportunities to enter the growing market and create a competitive advantage when combining in the key competence the properties of indispensability, unmitigated, long-term. It is substantiated that the formation of conditions for creating a competitive advantage favors the conformity of the company's key competencies to those that are demanded by the competitive environment of the industry market, as well as the conditions established in the external environment. It is proved that the period of obtaining quasi-rent in a new market is determined by the degree of complexity of the key competencies held by the firm.