A Social and Psychological Training Course as a form of Teaching in the Process of the Students’ Professional Education at a Higher Education Institution

Natalya G. Enyashina, Svetlana V. Gridnevа, Tatyana L. Khudyakova, Lyudmila N. Gridyaeva, Elena L. Pozharskay, Nelia A. Deberdeeva

Article (PDF)


Professional education, professional and personal development, a social and psychological training course


The article is devoted to a very important problem of contemporary education - the problem of professional and personal development and self-determination of a student at a higher education institution. The article outlines the theoretical analysis of studying the role of a training course in the educational process, as well as advantages of applying the social and psychological training course as a form of teaching for specialists’ education. The theoretical- phenomenological analysis and a forming experiment were used as the study methods. The conclusions described in the article emphasize the fact that a student should have initial opportunities, abilities, knowledge, competence, skills and a high motivation to achieve a high level of professionalism in his professional activity. It is very important that a professional should not only possess mastery but be recognized to have a high effectiveness and stability of activity results which is achieved by the use of various forms and methods of teaching in the process of professional education. The social and psychological training course is a form of work that helps to effectively develop the skills of professional activity creating the emotionally safe milieu in students’ learning that gives an opportunity of getting an active feedback and forming a skill of self-analysis. This article can be of use to teachers of higher education institutions, social workers as well as to psychologists-practitioners.