Student Innovativeness as Manifestation of Subjectivity

Veronika A. Artemeva, Marianna Y. Dvoretskaya, Elena K. Veselova, Elena Y. Korjova, Tatyana V. Esikova

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Innovativeness, innovative thinking, innovative personality, subjective potential, student subjectivity


The urgency of the problem is caused by the fact that the creation of innovation and innovation environment in all sectors of the economy and people's lives puts forward special demands to each individual, the society in general and the quality of education and skills of personnel. The paper describes the results of the study of the hierarchy of values, personality traits according to Cattell and the locus of control among students with a high level of innovativeness. As an approach to the evaluation of innovativeness, the concept of M. Kirton was used. As a result of the research, it was revealed that individuals with high innovatve activity are characterized by the internal locus of control and a set of basic values that differs from the set of basic values of a creative personality and it represents by itself a combination of such values as independence, stimulation, hedonism and power.