Modern Health Improving Psychotechnologies of a Higher School Teacher’s Personality

Svetlana V. Gridnevа, Bogdan S. Vasyakin, Olga A. Ovsyanik, Elena L. Pozharskay, Marija S. Berezhnaja

Article (PDF)


Health improving psycho-technologies, psycho-training, social competence of a teacher’s personality, resilience.


The article is devoted to a very important problem of contemporary society, the problem of searching for efficient methods of health improving psycho-technologies of a university teacher’s personality. The article contains the empirical research results of developing the key constituents of teachers’ social competence as an integrated personal construct, representing the system of knowledge about society, capabilities and skills of behavior accepted in society. The conclusions have been drawn that the component of a person’s psychological resilience can serve as a psychological quality providing a university teacher’s personality’s mental and physical health. Besides, a health improving orientation of a teacher’s personality has been identified that comprises the components of one’s own health, the needs in self-cognition, self-development, self-improvement of individual health as a condition of effective self-realization in the field of pedagogical activity. A social and psychological training course has been offered as the most effective method of health improving psycho-technologies of a university teacher’s personality (developed for a target group of people). The materials of the article can be useful to teachers, psychologists as well as executives of educational institutions of higher and secondary vocational education.