Features of Innovative Personnel Management of Service Companies in the Period of Implementation of Organizational Changes

Margarita D. Mironova, Natalia A. Zaitseva, Anna A. Larionova, Viktoria B. Akhpolova, Liudmila E. Glagoleva, Julia M. Belozerova

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Service sphere, formation and development of professional competences, emotional stability, labor quality assessment, innovative training system.


In the conditions of development and improvement of management systems in organizations of the service sector, the requirements to the quality of labor and the qualification of personnel are increasing, which is an essential condition for achieving competitive advantages. The relevance of the research of the features of innovative personnel management in the service sector is determined by the growing role of this industry in the modern economy. Based on the use of theoretical and empirical methods, conditions and mechanisms for the formation of an innovative system of training / development of personnel at service enterprises were identified. The paper substantiates the priority tasks of personnel management in the context of the basic concepts of organizational change. As a result of the study, a program to improve the skills and trainings for employees of service enterprises, taking into account the characteristics of their work activities, was developed. An author's two-component model for estimating investment in human capital is proposed, which reflects the personal development of employees.