Recent Applications of Hyphenated Liquid Chromatography Techniques in Food Forensics

Dr. Sachil Kumar

Article (PDF)


Hyphenated Chromatography, Food Forensics, Analysis, Liquid Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry


Typically, hyphenated techniques coupled with mass spectrometry are considered as robust and reliable confirmatory approach. This technique can be used for selective analysis of predefined adulterant in the food item, whereby food can be examined either using LC‐MS or GC‐MS with further validation of component configuration using NMR. This review article addresses the application of various techniques of hyphenated liquid chromatography used in food forensics. Studies related hyphenated, liquid chromatography, food forensics, applications, mass spectrometry, and forensic science in various combinations were retrieved from systematic web search of “MEDLINE”, “ScienceDirect”, “PubMed” and “Google Scholar” databases with the last search performed in January 2020. Hyphenated techniques such as LC‐API‐MS/MS can point to the exact origin of the blood or the issue of mixing species. LC‐MS/MS in combination with NMR can be used to monitor certain food items for adulteration.