Foundation of Psychological Support in the Emotional Experience of Professional Identity Crisis by Teachers

Nadezhda O. Sadovnikova*, Tamara B. Sergeeva, Svetlana S. Kotova, Irina I. Khasanova, Arseniy O. Pesterev

Article (PDF)


professional identity crisis, emotional experience, value-semantic sphere, reflection, psychological support


The background of the researched problem is determined by the psychological and pedagogical science’s and practice’s need to supplement the ideas about teachers’ professional development and about the course of their getting through the emotional experience due to difficulties of this process; as a result, it is necessary to study psychological foundations of building of psychological support programs in the process of school teachers’ getting through a professional crisis under conditions of permanent changes in the educational system. The main approach to studying this problem is the interview and phenomenological method that allows to identify and justify psychological basis of building of teacher support programs. The theoretical analysis allows to identify the nature of the support process, its goals and objectives, and to justify the methodological basis of the support program realization. The empiric results demonstrated that the process of teachers getting through the professional identity crisis goes hand in hand with the value-semantic transformation of a person and with “launching” of reflexive processes which, in turn, justifies resorting to them as to the psychological basis of building of teacher support programs. The research results expand the understanding of the nature of professional identity crisis phenomenon, the process of coming through it and supplement the data of the basis of building of teacher support programs.