Coping Strategies for Prevention of Professional Deformations among Social Workers

Larisa E. Pankratova *, Tatiana A. Zaglodina, Elena O. Kurchina Ekaterina V. Falaleeva

Article (PDF)


professional deformation, coping, social work, professional adaptation


Professional activity is one of the main components of human life, such things as formation and development of abilities, cognitive processes, realized potential and extension of personal qualities take place here. Besides, each profession, being a sort of labor activity, demands a certain preparation, both theoretically, and in acquisition of practical skills. However, despite the importance of the profession for the person, its role can be not only forming, but also deforming. Inability to cope with the destructive components of one’s work causes professional stress. The world health organization classifies professional stress as a global disease of the twenty-first century because it is widespread throughout the world and manifests itself in a large number of employees in any field of activity. In this regard, the problem of stress resistance is relevant, especially for representatives of social professions, whose professional activities involve numerous risks and psycho-emotional stress.