Economic Behavior of the Ural Students in the Context of Growing Consumer Claims

Lyubov N. Bondareva*, Ulyana V. Permyakova, Boris S. Pavlov, Marina M. Mikushina, Tatyana S. Shaikhulina

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economic behavior of students, consumer claims, vocational socialization, vital perspective


The thematic justification is provided by the fact, that together with transition toward market economy in Russia there appeared a definite rupture between theoretical developments of a phenomenon “economic behavior” by the economists and applied, empiric knowledge achieved as a result of numerous social surveys, that leads to a diffusion of social knowledge and the criteria of social analysis of economic life of the society. The objective of the article is an analysis of social economic factors, value orientations, motives and purposes of economic behavior of modern Russian young people in the main spheres of their vital activity, i.e. production, family and domestic, social, cultural and political spheres. The defining methods of investigation are social surveys and formalized interviews, that allow to find out predominant life purposes, value orientations, motives of behavior and actions of young people in the process of their everyday activity within the boundaries of four social institutions of the society: a parents’ family, a school, an institution of higher education, a plant. In the article we analyze the main social economic contradictions following ontogenetic growing-up and social and vocational socialization of young people (pupils, students, young specialists) in the conditions of the Ural cities, towns and villages. We show a discord between value orientations to the production labor and too high customer claims of students. The achieved substantiations of the principles of project realization concerning creation and transforming of regional youth politics in a whole, and educational politics, in particular, can provide increasing of effectiveness of a real investment of the youth into forward development of Russian social medium.