Analysis of Indicators Characterizing Export Competitiveness of Goods and Their Interrelations Identification

Gulnara F. Ruchkina*, Maxim V. Demchenko, Svetlana V. Frumina, Ilya S. Iksanov, Ekaterina I. Kobzeva, Lyudmila Yu. Novitskaya, Svetlana A. Panina

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export competitiveness, indicators, regulatory legal framework, state support for exports


The urgency of the problem under study is due to the influence of the export support system on the competitiveness of the national economy. One of the elements of the export support system is a regulatory legal framework containing requirements for both the conditions of state support for exports and the procedure and technique for export competitiveness assessing. The regulatory legal framework for export support in the Russian Federation is formed by strategic planning documents and legislative acts, which are characterized by the lack of proper coordination between them. The foregoing will not allow conducting an effective state policy in the field of export and objectively assessing the export competitiveness of Russian goods. In this regard, the purpose of the article is to identify the relationship between indicators of export competitiveness based on the analysis of strategic planning documents and strategies of key actors in the development of export relations. The leading methods of cognition that underlie the study of this problem are analysis, synthesis and induction, which allow identifying the relationship between the applied indicators of export competitiveness and justifying proposals for their harmonization. The main results of the article are proposals for expanding the number of indicators of export competitiveness, aligning the target values of these indicators and amending the regulatory legal framework. The materials of the article can be useful for assessing the products’ export competitiveness and will allow determining further directions to improve the state policy in the development of Russian exports and increase the attractiveness of the national economy in world markets.