Development of Volitional Qualities of Adolescent in the Pedagogy of Consciousness

Aleksandr V. Ivanov*, Anna G. Akhtyan, Viktoriya A. Vishnyakova, Tatiana E. Demidova, Anastasia V. Karpunina, Natalia P. Konstantinova, Angelina A. Kvitkovskaya

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volition, volitional qualities, volitional actions, volitional act, pedagogy of consciousness, methods of development of volitional qualities


The research is relevant due to the interest of scientific pedagogical community to the problems of spiritual and moral education in modern Russian society, the identification of means of its development. In this regard, this paper aims at revealing the theoretical foundations and practical mechanisms of development of volitional qualities of pupils in the context of pedagogy of consciousness. The leading approaches to the research of this problem are the ontological-axiological and esoteric-activity-oriented approaches which allow considering the problem of volition in the pedagogy of consciousness. The leading empirical method is the experiment. The paper presents the essence and content of the concept of “volition” and “volitional qualities” in the psychological and pedagogical literature and pedagogy of consciousness, the structure of development of volition, the theoretical basis for the development of volitional qualities in the pedagogy of consciousness and the methods of developing volitional qualities identified during the empirical study. The materials of the paper are of practical value for researchers of problems of education, students, and pedagogues of schools and institutions of leisure.