Rapid FTIR Method for Estimation of Sucrose in a Traditional Indian Polyherbal Formulation

Kartik Chandra Patra, K. Jayaram Kumar, Suvendu Kumar Sahoo, Podilama Suresh

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Sucrose, FTIR, Polyherbal formulation, Amukkara choornam


A simple, fast and reliable method has been developed for the quantification of sucrose in an Indian traditional polyherbal formulation samples (Amukkara choornam) through Fourier Transform Infrared absorbance measurements (FTIR) at 1051 cm-1 with a base line established between 750 cm-1 to 1500 cm-1. This method was validated following the united state pharmacopoeia guidelines for method validation. Sensitivity, Linearty, Limit of detection (LOD), Limit of quantification (LOQ), Accuracy and Specificity were considered. Sucrose was used as standard.