A Proposed Hybrid Approach Combined Qos with CR System in Smart City

Faisal Y. Alzyoud*, Wa’elJum’ah Al_Zyadat, Fadi Hamed, Fayez Shrouf

Article (PDF)


Cognitive Radio (CR), Internet of Things (IoT), Primary Users (PUs), Secondary users (SUs), and Signalto-Noise Ratio (SNR).


The fifth generation of mobile communication technology growth by next few years, the traffic volume of mobile communication that rapidly increase because of the enormous opportunities and applications significant benefit from Internet of Things (IoT) across almost all Industries. Smart cities are considered amongst the top applications of IoT which highly depend on Information Communication Technologies (ICT). Furthermore, frequency spectrum available for mobile communication is limited, thus, the increasing number of users will negatively affect frequency spectrum availability and accessibility. That encouraged utilising cognitive radio communication techniques, in order to overcome the deficiency in frequency spectrum, which drive to introduce a new approach to utilizing the available frequency spectrum in communication and sharing this spectrum between various users. Low-cost communication evaluation system is proposed to utilise idle frequencies owned by licensed users and automatically make it available to other users without distressing licensed user’s communication. Two aspects of cognitive radio are investigated; users’ classification divided between primary and secondary users and availability of idle frequency spectrums of licensed users. The effect of noise and attenuation is analysed and compared using MATLAB simulation.