Aligning IS/IT with Business Allows Organizations to Utilize Dark Data

Liyana Shirin Akbar, Khulood Al-Mutahr, Mohammed Nazeh

Article (PDF)


Information System, Information Technology, Dark Data, Strategic Alignment Framework.


Any data that is left unexplored by an organization is an opportunity lost and a potential security risk says Ganesh Moorthy (2018). This paper discusses about the importance of aligning information system and information technology with business and how that helps organizations to utilize dark data efficiently. Moreover, the types of strategic alignment models and how organizations should adapt those models are also briefly described. The concept of dark data, types of dark data and how organizations can make use of it are further explained in this paper. The impact of dark data and tools to extract dark data is also discussed in this paper. The insights and discussions that are stated in this paper would definitely benefit organizations to understand the importance of aligning the business with IS/IT and make good use of dark data.