Conceptualizing the Application for Ethereum Blockchains: Front End Application Development

Dr. Siew Poh Phung, Dr. Valliappan Raju Karuppan Chetty

Article (PDF)


IoT, Blockchains, Ethereum.


Several distributed ledger protocols available for Ethereum, Internet of Things (IoT), IOTA and Hyperledger fabric. This research paper attempts to understand the relations between these in the perspective of Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT application based on Blockchains (BC) can include smart-contracts, on-chain-logic, Web mobile embedded Client front end parts. These three architectures are researched for IoT front end applications and Blockchains. It is well understood that both Blockchains and Internet of Things are disctinct in nature by their managing their outgoing transactions. These architectures utilize the Etherum network for trusted transaction. Results from this paper declares that just full Etherum node may not helpful to the users. This research also clarified that there can be different architectural approaches and decisions are arrived based on ledge prior operations. Based on use of user, the front end of use. Overall it was found that Ethereum clients seems to be a viable approach.