Malaysian Tourism Sector: Technical Review on Policies and Regulations

Mohammed Hmedan, Dr. Valliappan Raju Karuppan Chetty, Dr. Siew Poh Phung

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Malaysian Tourism, Tourism Policies.


This research paper explains the various developments in the Malaysian tourism sector and states the efforts taken by the then governments to plan, and promote Malaysia as an international preferred destination. This thesis elaborately explains how infrastructure developments and other strategies designed by the government escalated tourism in Malaysia and how the government policies mediated a prime motive to enhance tourism industry in Malaysia. The government’s commitment to develop this tourism segment and enhance its quality service and other infra developments is unlimited and consistent. At present, the tourism segment stands second in terms of contributing to Gross Domestic Product of Malaysia, which ranks among the best ten tourist destinations in the world. Such outcome informs that it can be followed by developing nations which has the same multicultural scenario and be a role model to be followed by other nations too.