Shrinkflation from Consumer’s Perspective: An Exploratory Study Using Crystal Products in Egypt

Reem Magdi Saleh, Sara Ravan Ramzani, Siew Poh Phung

Article (PDF)


Inflation, Consumer Perspective Index.


This research aims to understand what happens when consumers do notice unit size decrease. Furthermore, if the consumer will still be loyal to the product after the downsizing or not. Design/methodology/approach – This paper depends on a sample of 74 respondents, employing a drop-off methodology, with structured and self-administered questionnaire to measure consumer attitudes regarding three dimensions; consumers awareness, customers’ satisfaction, and consumers’ acceptance of package downsizing, utilizing a fivepoint Likert scale measure. Findings – The general findings show that the current consumers’ attitudes toward shrinkflation is not highly favorable, indicating that a lot of work will be required from companies to maintain the customers loyalty. The study urged marketers and public policymakers in Egypt to pay more attention to the customers opinions and perspectives.